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Different Frameworks/Technologies We Made Search Friendly


8 Frameworks

With our SEO services, we have made Angular, React, Wordpress, Magento, Vue, Shopify, Joomla and Drupal SEO friendly.

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Countries We Serve

USA 12 60.00%
United Kingdom 3 15.00%
Germany 2 10.00%
United Aram Emirates 1 5.00%
Canada 1 5.00%
Australia 1 5.00%

Management table of our SEO Services

We create individual password-protected dashboards for each client where they can see the performance information about their website. This information includes total leads, work completed, total keywords ranking in the top 10, sessions in one last month, and pageviews.
Basic Tasks in SEO Services

SSL Certificate Integration

Including an SSL certificate not only helps in higher search ranking but also gains trust in the website visitors. Our each SEO services package includes SSL certification.

Content Optimization

Well-optimized content is really helpful to get higher keyword rankings. Before starting our campaign, we make optimization content and make it SEO friendly and if required we write additional web page content.

Server Check

The server plays a big role in website page loading speed, security, and components loading. We check the server before starting our campaign. If we find anything unusual, we suggest clients migrate the server. With approval, we change the server totally for free, included in the SEO service package.

Improving the Page Loading speed

Slow page loading speed directly affects leads. We make sure that the page loading speed is up to the mark before starting an SEO campaign.

Backlink Profile check and Removing Spammy links

Backlinks are the most important factor in an SEO campaign. Having good high-authoritative backlinks can help to get higher keywords ranking while spammy backlinks make a negative impact on search engines. We check the back-link profile for each website and dis-avow negative backlinks.

Create Unique Meta Tags

We create new meta tags and include keywords in meta titles and descriptions for each targeted page.

Provide Perfect SEO solution for Javascript Websites

Check Mobile Responsiveness

Pre-rendering, Server-side rendering as per routes

Content rendering for vue.js, angular or react website.

Broken Link Check


Total Tickets Solved

We solve client's queries on the same day. We successfully solved 696 client queries in last six months.

  • Why SEOJS is the best SEO Agency?

    We are not only good at providing SEO services for WordPress CMS or any other CMS, but we are also expert in making different Javascript website SEO-friendly. We make all websites built with Javascript frameworks like react.js, angular, Vue, or Ember.

  • How SEO Services Help Your Business?

    In our SEO services, we make a website's pages search engine friendly by adding useful content, improving page loading speed, make user-friendly pages. By targeting high search volume keyword and ranking for those keywords, eventually increases web presence and increases lead for the business.

  • Revolutionary Thinking

    Not going by the books and improvising every strategy for the best possible results help us to run a successful campaign for our clients. We have multiple in-house websites where we perform SEO experiments and if we get a positive result, we implement the same strategy on our client's websites.

    Revolutionary thinking is the biggest reason for our success. We spend a huge amount of our time in research & analysis and come up with a creative solution.

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  • 100 Keywords
  • On-Page implementation
  • 24/7 Support



Best for Enterprises & large Ecommerce websites


  • 50 keywords
  • On-Page implementation
  • 24/7 Support


Best for medium business and Ecommerce


national seo plan
  • 30 keywords
  • On-Page implementation
  • 24/7 Support


More National Keywords


Local SEO Sol
  • 15 Keywords
  • On-Page implementation
  • 24/7 Support


Best for Local Businesses

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